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1 on 1 with Tika Sumpter & Parker Sawyers

I love telling a story but equally enjoy seeing it! As a musician, audio came naturally to me and even got better once I was in radio. Many don’t realize how challenging it is to tell a story thru audio, you don’t have the luxury of visuals; you have to be creative! So, naturally, the next step was for me to bring my audio to life with video.

Eventually, my friend and fellow photographer, Walter Johnson, convinced me we knew enough to do video. I mean photography isn’t too far off from video, is it? After a couple of joint projects with Walter and a few on my own I have been able to build my portfolio and work with some amazing clients to bring their ideas to life!

So, when Tenay Danielle contracted me to visually edit her interview with actors Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers, I was ecstatic! With great footage to work with I was able to give her interview more energy and movement. She gave me her logo and verbiage and from there I was off! Created a quick animated intro and outro, inter-weaved the trailer and stock images and chose the music.

She loved it!

To watch the full interview check it out in my portfolio!

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