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I’m On The Radio Again!

I’m on the radio again! No, not in the traditional sense of me sitting in a studio in front of a sixteen channel digital mixer with an RE-20 microphone at my disposal. But hey! Voicing and producing a radio spot for a new club counts, right?

Since this is my very first blog post and unless you know me personally or we’ve done business together then you probably wouldn’t know I got my start in radio at Radio-One’s 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX. I had my own weekend slot from 2006 – 2010 along with production/imaging and broadcasting from clubs all over the city. So being able to voice this spot was a little nostalgic.

Thanks to my friend, Woody, and his company www.woodyworldwide.com I was able to help him promote the Our Glass in Arlington, TX! So for the next couple of weeks my amazing and sexy voice can heard on 94.5 The Boom here in Dallas! Lucky for you I attached a link for you to hear it now if you’re now by the radio! Plus! If you’re promoter or business owner – of any kind – and need quality radio spots and voice overs I have a team that can get you what you need!

So take a listen to this spot on my sound cloud and if you want to hear more then check out my full sound cloud on the link below!

My name is Jason Martin and I create and produce!

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